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As one of the largest training providers for the manufacturing and construction sectors in the North-West of Ireland the client was searching for the most efficient way to sell their range of training programmes online. They approached us to work out how they could build an online presence that would create new leads and collect data from the customer journey. We were able to work with them to figure out where their current website was failing and to build a new website that would be easily found on search engines while also presenting the necessary information at exactly the right time to increase conversions. To build the new website, we conducted a comprehensive audit of the client's existing website to identify areas of improvement. We then worked with the client to develop a clear website structure that provided a seamless user experience and allowed for easy navigation. Our team then created content that was optimised for search engines and strategically placed calls-to-action throughout the website. We also implemented an analytics system that allowed the client to track website traffic, user behaviour, and other key metrics. Finally, we thoroughly tested the website to make sure it worked across all devices.

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