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The client required a complete overhaul of their website, which was originally built by the founder on a web builder platform. The website was not generating leads, lacked precise measurement of web traffic, and received minimal visits. The company primarily provided consulting and training programs and needed to establish its online brand presence. Therefore, a new website had to be built from scratch, with full search engine optimization (SEO) implementation. Our team conducted extensive research on relevant keywords and analyzed the competition to create a comprehensive proposal that included wireframes and prototypes. After some design revisions, the client approved the website, which included a blog and an e-commerce page to support their training programs. Our team implemented full SEO practices, ensuring that the website met all search engine requirements, including optimization of meta tags, URLs, headers, and other on-page elements. The website was fully linked to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (Hubspot) that enabled the client to monitor and capture leads effectively. After the website's launch, the client witnessed a four-fold increase in traffic, with an increased number of leads and conversions. The fully linked CRM system allowed the client to monitor the leads effectively and capture them, resulting in successful lead generation.

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